I assumed where Gracie (she is pictured on the left with our other dog Coco on the right) was from Florida that she might not take to the snow or cold.  I was wrong.  She absolutely loves the snow and never wants to come in when it’s snowing.  She sticks her nose down and runs as she tries to eat the snow.  Gracie’s favorite time is when she can play outside.  We have a big back yard that is fenced in and my two dogs love to play hide and seek on each other.  It’s very assuming. 

The first week she decided that she was bored or maybe nervous about her new home and chewed the couch cushion until nothing was left!  The Kong toys have seem be the trick of keeping her busy along with walks every day and extra play/run time in the backyard.  She’s intimidated by men, but she is making great progress and can’t wait to see what kind of dog she becomes over the next few months.

Everyone at NEAS was amazing.  When it’s time for a new dog, I will be coming back and have told others to go check out the shelter.