One year ago our family decided to open our hearts to a new dog after losing Rusty, our first NEAS furry family member in 2013 after 14 wonderful years with him. We didn’t know if we could ever find another dog that gave us as much love, and lasting memories. As we walked around looking at all the dogs that day we walked down the final row of kennels and were just about to head back out front when the dog next to us let out one loud bark. We all turned to look and wondered “Could that cute little guy make that big noise?”

Now, we take that bark as a sign that our beloved Dunkin, FKA Gerald, was saying “Wait! don’t go! I’m the one!” Our little Dunkin dark roast is just what we needed to warm our hearts! He is super obedient and will do anything for a belly rub, loves to squeak the day away with any squeaky toy, and loves making new doggie friends. He is especially fond of running the trails around Horn Pond with his Dad! We are so happy we found Dunkin and can’t wait to spend many more years rubbing his fuzzy little belly!