First of all, we renamed Luna, Chloe! She is such a beautiful pup we wanted a prettier name to match. We are more than happy with her. We adore her. We’ve certainly got our hands full as she is full of energy.  We exercise her 1-2 times a day, we walk her outside 5-6 times a day and we play with her a lot, Morning and evening.

She is teething so she started to bite everything but we got her a big selection of chew toys which she loves and goes through very quickly. We’ve also gone through two harnesses, ha ha ha.

I also started training her myself and she has learned Sit, Down, Paw and Hi 5 so far. I am planning on taking her to puppy training classes within the next two weeks and scheduled puppy obedience classes for January.  Overall she is a sweet girl and we love her.