Saro (formerly Shady) is energetic and affectionate, and seems to feel right at home with us. She’s using the litter box normally, drinking a lot and eating a little less than we’d like but enough (the vet says she’s putting on weight as she should be). And I think our resident cat and Saro have the right personalities, at this point. They occasionally play together, and eventually we expect them to become true friends. 

We love Saro. It seems she’s quite the leaper — when jumping up to catch a toy she probably gets two feet off the ground, and sometimes, to her surprise, accidentally ends up on her back. Her favorite thing seems to be snuggling, but also sprinting from one end of the house to the other when we get home in the evening and, unfortunately, a little too early in the morning.

Thank you for everything. We truly enjoyed adopting from your shelter; it seems you guys are doing it right.