My boyfriend and I had talked about getting a puppy many times and went to NEAS a couple times but either felt like it wasn’t the right time or we wouldn’t connect with the same puppies. On September 17th we were at breakfast and decided we wanted to swing by just to “look.” We usually didn’t agree on the same ones and would have reasons as to why ours was better. However, the second we meet Ollie (whose name was Xeres and 7 months old at the time) we were both instantly in love. We spent about 10 minutes in a room with him (cuddling and playing with toys) and then asked to take him outside to play. After playing with him for approximately 30 seconds he was already doing flips and jumping extremely high. My boyfriend really wanted a high energy dog and I wanted a friendly, affectionate one. Ollie was both which is when we knew that he was the one.

Everyday we feel so fortunate to have Ollie as a member of our family. Each day he shows us new things and we fall more in love with him. He is the most affectionate puppy, he knows when one of us is sad and will do his best to make us feel better. He is also very playful and loves to chase soccer balls and footballs (even though he pops them quickly). Our backyard now looks like a toy graveyard but we wouldn’t have it any other way. He is also very curious and friendly, and enjoys taking long walks and meeting new people. We currently have him in puppy training classes and he is almost always the dog the trainer uses to demonstrate with – we are very proud.

Ollie has been everything we could ever want in a dog and more. Thank you, Northeast Animal Shelter for helping us find our best friend.