My husband and I are so happy with Maple.  He was called Wil at the shelter, but once we got home we tried out different names, and he responded best to Maple, so we went with that. 🙂 He brings so much fun and joy to my little family. He is such an adorable cat. He likes running around in the apartment, watching TV, and playing with carton boxes, toys I made, and some toys that I bought for him. Sometimes we throw his toy away and he brings it back. Such a dog! Haha…

I am very satisfied with your center’s help. I had visited several adoption centers around Boston. I would say Northeast Animal Shelter is the best adoption center among all. The volunteers and counsellors are very helpful and friendly. My husband and I were impressed by Ray.  He gave us great advice on what type of cat we should get based on our personalities, so we made our best choice, Maple.

Thank you and Northeast Animal Shelter for such a wonderful experience!