On October 12, 2016, my family came to your shelter in search for our forever fur baby. We sat down with one of your adoption counselors by the name of Ray and discussed what type of dog we where looking for. We have a son with autism so the temperament of the dog was very important and that’s when Ray introduced us to Bentley. We met with Bentley for awhile and watched our son interact with him and that’s when we knew Bentley was the one for us.

For the short time Bentley has been in our home he has made it known that he lives in our house. He loves to cuddle with his blanket during the day and with his parents at night. He interacts with our son even if its just laying next to him while our son pats him. Bentley knows he is spoiled. He goes on his walks and is spoiled by the local store where he gets a cookie every time. He is always eager to meet new people. He is just a sweet boy and simply amazing.

We are so happy we made the decision to adopt Bentley. Thank you for bringing us together.