We love Asher, formerly Washington, who is a three and half month old lab mix. We absolutely fell in love with him the moment we met him. He loves people and has had some doggie play dates that now make him want to say hello to every dog on the block.

We chose the name Asher so it would something that sounded like his former name. We picked it randomly and it turns out in Hebrew Asher means blessing and happy. He has been both to our family after a hard year where I was diagnosed with breast cancer. He has brought a new joy and energy that has been much needed in our household. He is already house trained, loves his crate, sleeps through the night, and can sit and stay on command.

Asher loves to run around in the backyard and smell the flowers and gather as many sticks as he can get. He is going for puppy training lessons starting this week. Thank you Northeast Animal Shelter. We were so impressed with how clean and warm the shelter was, as well as the staff. Asher loves his forever home!

The Whites