Big News!


We’re building a 5,000 square foot addition to our Shelter so we can save even more homeless pets!


Caring for thousands of pets who need weeks, or even months, of medical treatment requires a lot of space. Because all out-of-state pets must be isolated for 48-hours, and animals with contagious conditions like upper respiratory infections or parasites need to be in special isolation rooms, our existing three rooms are simply not enough. We need a lot more space to care for pets who must be segregated from our “available” pet population while they receive medical treatment.


That’s why this addition is so exciting! Soon, we’ll be able to care for about 70 more pets in six new isolation rooms and four sick pet rooms. We’ll also have a new medical suite that will be equipped for routine procedures, a pet wash/grooming room, and expanded space for food preparation.


As you can imagine, this construction project puts a huge burden on our budget. Will you please consider a special gift to NEAS this fall to help defray the cost and ensure we can care for all our pets? You can donate online at