Milo, formerly known at the NEAS as “Twix,” has now been a part of our family for just over a month now. He’s four months old and stays endearingly close behind mom wherever she goes around the house, stealing her paint brushes, even attempting to steal a sip of coffee once in a while and … .napping by any flowers left around the house.

We quickly found that Milo is a very athletic little guy, as an avid Pats fan, he sits inches from the screen every game (he’s very excited that Brady is back). He’s also gotten very good at playing fetch and drags his stuffed animal “Snoopy” around the house with him to cuddle and wrestle. All in all, he was the gem of the litter and he’s a happy addition to our little family. Thank you, NEAS, we’re looking forward to many happy years with Milo! 🙂