Logan has been the perfect addition to our furry little family. While one of our cats (Sugaree) is still adjusting, our second (Marie) has been very welcoming. Logan and Marie snuggle with us in bed on a nightly basis. She even lets him nuzzle her fur and tease her, hopping around like a bunny trying to rile her up.

My boyfriend and I have always wanted a puppy, but life got in the way. We were either living in separate states or working too many hours away from home. But life threw us a curve ball, and we felt like now more than ever we needed a little joy in our life. I have always perused the NEAS website for dogs (or another cat, sorry Ryan) just to look of course. After we dealt with a tragedy, I went searching on the site to find a puppy we could bring home.

In September, we came to NEAS to find a puppy, Tucker, but some lucky family adopted him first. The wonderful volunteers told us more puppies would be in on Tuesday, so be on the look out! We chose to have a puppy so the cats could get used to a dog, since s/he would be their size at first. Tuesday morning I looked on the website and there were over a dozen cute little puppies, but Midnight (now our Logan) first caught my eye, though I didn’t tell Ryan. We visited NEAS that very night. When I saw Logan in person, I knew he was the one. It was love at first sight and has been love ever since.

We’ve played at the beach and walked on trails. The guys at Home Depot in Danvers love him (shout out to Manager Jim!). He’s become best friends with our neighbors’ dogs. We couldn’t have asked for a better puppy to join our family.