Chevy, re-named “Chippy,” is such a sweet, well behaved, happy little dog & he loves his new life! He’s housebroken, fetches & brings the toy back, is learning to “sit” on command & loves running up & down the 3 flights of condo stairs for our walks.

At night when he’s all tuckered out, Chippy loves to snuggle in bed (but hates to be woken up for his early morning walk!). I’ve posted many pics on FB & he has a loyal following already. I took him for his 1st vet appointment this week & ordered the Wisdom Panel DNA test kit to find out what his mutt pedigree is :).

I am so grateful I found him on your website & made the hour trip in to meet & adopt him. Never judge a dog by the picture on the website. I thought he was going to be shy & fearful…instead, he is chipper & very outgoing! He is just the perfect little dog & has brought me so much joy in the last 3 weeks!!! I can’t even imagine all the fun we are going to have together over the next 15+ years! Thank you Megan for helping make him a part of my wonderful life. He is going to be loved beyond measure & know it every single day!