In July, my wife and I decided that we wanted to adopt a dog sometime in September. On July 21st, we decided to go to the shelter to look and maybe decide on the type of dog we wanted. Within 10 minutes my wife spotted the most adorable friendly little dog named Bob. She was immediately in love with him and I, from a distance, thought “No, he’s too little.” So we continued walking around the shelter looking at all the dogs and reading about them and we eventually made our way back to the area where Bob was penned.

My wife went back over to see him and this time I went over to meet him and, while still at little skeptical, I thought we should take his card to the front desk so we could meet him. As soon as he came into the room, I knew he was coming home with us.

Since he’s been in our lives, Bob (we couldn’t bring ourselves to change his name) has kept us on our toes and filled our home with laughter and fun. I love my little guy and my wife loves her couch cuddle buddy. He’s also managed to work his way into the hearts of everyone that he meets. Thank you NEAS for bringing Bob from Florida and giving us the opportunity to give this amazing puppy a second chance at life.