Thank you so much for helping us choose Sebastian (now Muji).  He is settling in just fine with our family.  He is as sweet and gentle as he was that day in the shelter and has become less timid and more relaxed around us! He’s perfect for our two little boys.  He’s patient and doesn’t ever nip at them (don’t worry, we still watch their interactions very closely, more for Muji’s sake!).  He just loves a good belly rub.

We recently installed an electric fence so he can run more in our field.  Muji’s doing very well with the training involved in that; he understands the boundaries and is so happy to be running around leash-free. He’s learning to fetch and even brings the ball back sometimes.

Not to say there wasn’t an adjustment period where we all had to get used to each other.  There were a few accidents, and some toys chewed, but you prepared us very well for what to expect from him and what we would need to do.  So thank you again! You (Jean) really have a gift for matching animals with families!