Hoss’s new name is Bullet. He is doing GREAT. He made himself at home right when we walked into the door. Since he is a pup and loves to sleep he found the perfect spot on the landing of our steps. Even though he likes to sleep he has a very playful side, his favorite thing to do is to play tug of war with our other dog Sweet Pea.

He is doing great with house breaking even though there are a few accidents he is starting to learn what “outside” means and runs to the backdoor when I say it. He is a smart pup he already gets the hang of “No,” “Sit” and “Come.” Well not fully, but he is getting there.

The kids absolutely adore him. He has a great personality and is very well tempered. Everyone who meets him falls in love instantly. How could you not with a face like his.We are so lucky to have found him. Thanks NEAS!