My son and I adopted Freckles ( white dog on left ) in February. We visited the shelter with friends who were planning on adopting. They fell in love with Freckles right away and so did I! My friends were not a good fit for Freckles because she was known to be a handful and this was going to be their 1st dog ever. She was referred to as a bit mouthy.

She still threatens to nip strangers, out of habit, but doesn’t actually do it. She knows her family loves her and will protect her so she stops at just playing tough now. Our very quiet and lazy dog Beau was not happy that we brought her home. She loved him right away though and he soon returned the affection.

She loved her new home the minute she got here. She decided she wanted to keep us right away. We knew this because when we brought her outside to potty she dragged us back to our front door.

A month after having Freckles we sold our home and we were staying with friends (people and other pets) while waiting to close on our home. Freckles broke into their dog food container and ate a bunch of food. She immediately bloated and began with vomiting and eventually bloody stool and more vomit. She was checked into Angel Animal Hospital in Boston. I was scared for her and heartbroken that she may think that we ditched her and she was back in a shelter. She had to stay for one night. We missed her so much.

She still hasn’t learned her lesson and tries to break in the dog food. We have learned our lesson though and have the food very secure. We love her so much. Freckles makes us smile every day. Our new home has a big backyard that she loves to run in and an extra bedroom where Freckles and our other dog Beau have a Queen size human bed to themselves! She stole our heart and steals the heart of anyone who comes in contact with her. We are so grateful to have her.