I adopted Baxter, September 6th. Baxter has adjusted very well to his new home. It took him about one day not to hide behind the couch and a couple more to adjust to new noises in his surroundings. His favorite place to lay is on the back of couch looking out the window watching squirrels.

Baxter has made peace with my parakeet – he no longer chase him in his cage!

We had a good check up at the vet.  Baxter doesn’t like riding in the car, but he was very good meeting Dr Sam and vet tech.  He weighed in at almost 19 pounds, and since he can’t jog to loose some weight, Dr. Sam said feed senior food and cut back on portions.

NEAS was a joy to work with, and I had visited your web site and knew exactly who I was looking for.  I’ve got to say Baxter is the Love of my Life!  He meets and greets me everyday, when my feet hit the floor in the morning, and if I’ve gone out he is there upon my return. Baxter has found his FOREVER home, with me. Thank You to everyone at NEAS; you’re the best.