This is Doctor Lalnable Trellimar Hector previously known as Rubin. When I first got him in May I was looking for a kitten that I could form a close bond with as a companion animal or otherwise emotional support animal.

Originally I was looking for a tiny kitten but I fell in love very quickly with Lalnable. He was an 8 month old very shy and timid kitten but that changed almost instantly the day after I brought him home when he smashed out of his shell. Lalnable is one of the most talkative kittens I have ever had.

I never thought we could form a bond like we have now but we have done so. He senses when I am stressed or in pain. He will curl up beside me and wrap his paw around my arm and cuddle it. πŸ™‚ πŸ˜‰ Β He is such a sweet boy. He is helping me break out of my shell just like I helped him break out of his!