Hi! I adopted Roy, formerly Moses, in May. He is named after Roy O. Disney, who helped see to fruition his brother Walt’s final and greatest dream, Walt Disney World, after he had passed away. I adopted Roy not long after losing my previous cat to kidney disease at much too young an age (he was a beautiful 4-year old black cat named Pierre, and also a rescue but from Nevins Farm), and I can say whole-heartedly that Roy has helped heal my very broken heart.

Roy is a delightful boy. He loves looking out the window (keeping watch!), playing with toy mice and wand toys, doing somersaults, climbing into cardboard boxes and tote bags, head rubs and scratches, and snuggling up with me in bed. He has boundless energy and can be quite rambunctious. He is incredibly goofy, and very sweet.

To his former family: please know that Roy is happy and extremely well-loved. I like to tell people that this cat is living the dream.

Thank you, NEAS, for making the adoption process so pleasant, and for all that you do for animals in need.