We absolutely love Rachel and she has fit right into our family. She is sleeping and eating just fine. She definitely has a healthy appetite! She loves playing with all her new toys and gets plenty of exercise climbing on couches and running up and down the stairs. The little kitten has already had her first check up at Wakefield Veterinary Hospital and it went great! Her blood work came back normal and she has an appointment to be spayed and microchipped this Tuesday.

Her favorite time to snuggle is right when she wakes up in the morning. She does the cutest thing where she climbs right on top of you and rubs her nose against your cheek. Her playful personality has matched up pretty well so far with our other 3 year old tabby cat, Mac. Mac is still getting used to her, but the two of them love to chase each other around the house and they usually nap in the same room without issue.

We are humbled to be the forever home for such a loving and playful kitten.