Paula has adjusted great… but she is no longer called Paula. She is now called “Patches.”

On the day we took her home we stopped to pick up my husband’s police uniform because he had new department patches sown on.  Every time he said the word “patches,” Paula would meow.. so she became Patches. In a way she has become the cat police in our house. She is very protective and always on patrol, watching out over us. You can see her motherly instincts come out often. She loves being around the kids.

My children love playing with her. We bought her a ton of toys but she seems to love the toilet paper rolls and the balls with bells inside that keep us up at night because when she is playing with them.  She also loves  anything that hangs – from curtains, wires, plants, shower curtains … you name it.  I have to baby proof all over again … LOL!!

Patches is a great additional to our family and she will be forever loved.