This is Sadie, formerly known as Evie.. The blanket behind her is the same one she has had since the day we brought her home. It’s hard to believe it has only been  9 1/2 months that she has been a part of the family. She is a completely different dog today than she was in September.

We had to put our last dog down July 7, 2014. That was a horrific year and not having a dog around made it feel like it wasn’t a home. The day we brought Sadie home she let me pat her the entire ride home but was so afraid of her own shadow that she stayed curled up on the blanket on the kitchen floor. We brought her for the ride back to NEAS so we could make her adoption official two weeks later. A mile from NEAS she began vomiting and shaking uncontrollably, worse than we had seen in the two weeks we knew her. When we left after making it official, she jumped in the car without a struggle for the first time and kept nudging my hand with her nose the whole ride home.

Since then, everyone who has met her has remarked on how she is a different dog. She is still afraid of crowds, but she learned that being touched is a good thing. Belly rubs are awesome. She loves to play hide and seek, my least favorite game with her since she likes to play it outside.

She loves being outside but hates being “alone” (if she can’t see us she comes running to us). She is happiest when she is dragging her leash behind her, like a security blanket of belonging.

She has her comical moments too. On the rare occasion she barks at me, her ears go back scared and she runs around looking for the dog that made that noise. She hates tags on her toys and attacks the tags first. She gets the “zooms” at dusk and runs herself in big circles getting out the last of her energy. If you are rubbing her belly and stop, she will look at you and kick with her back paw to get you started again.

She is well behaved and adored. Everyone who sees her wants to meet her; unfortunately she doesn’t always reciprocate. She is a bed hog, but a huge night time cuddler.

One of the best things that has ever happened was walking into NEAS September 5, 2015 and seeing my little black beauty sleeping. That was the moment I knew I had to meet her and she belonged with me. For that, I am grateful.

Thank you for all you do!