Clancy, aka Rami, joined us on 6/20/2016. We had just lost our adoptive pet, Kody, and decided that we would immediately adopt to give a great life to another lovely animal. Clancy has been with our family for three weeks and is doing really well. His personality is really coming out. He is smart, attentive, goofy, and funny!

It has taken him a little time to adjust to all of the changes, but he is learning quickly how to adapt to our family and how to be a Cape Cod dog. We have already been clamming, swimming, and learning what the beach is all about. Clancy has already ridden our paddle board and takes frequent naps as the water can make him chilly even with his life preserver on:) We are thankful to say that the big shoes left empty by his big brother Kody are quickly being filled with his great behaviors and playfulness!

We are so thankful for such a good fit, such a great experience with NEAS, and to offer what every dog deserves…a life full of fun and lots of love!