Just after this past New Years we arrived home from a short trip, and set out to find what we thought would be a puppy. Our first stop was Northeast Animal Shelter. We searched the kennels and all of the dogs we were interested in were either pending adoption or being looked at by other families. Disheartened, but happy for the pups, we left and were going to check back to see when they got new dogs who were ready for adoption. The next day we went to work, and while waiting for a meeting to start, I checked the Northeast Animal Shelter website. The day before we saw this beautiful little ball of fluff being taken out of his kennel to meet some prospective families, but we assumed he would be going home that day. He didn’t. I saw Sunny on the website with no “Pending Adoption” and immediately called to verify that he was in fact still available. I called my boyfriend Jonathon who works nearby to rush to the shelter to hold Sunny until I got there to make sure we didn’t lose him to anyone else.

When I got there, we met Sunny, who was a little shy at first but warmed up to us. We took him outside to play and knew he was the one. After a quick scare that we wouldn’t be able to have a Chow mix at our apartment, we verified that it was allright with our leasing office and the application process began. Before we knew it, Sunny was our fur baby. He hopped into my car and our first stop was Pet Smart so that he could pick out whatever he wanted. We [I] started spoiling him right from the start. He still averages a new toy a week.

Our first night was a little tougher. Like most shelter dogs, Sunny had, and occasionally still has, terrible separation anxiety. After a long day of excitement he had fallen asleep in the hallway to our bedroom. At around 1:30 AM he woke up startled and sprinted into the room and checked on both sides to make sure that we were both still there; still real. We comforted him and rubbed his belly until he fell back asleep, and still he will only sleep on either side of the bed; keeping watch and staying close to us. I will still never understand how or why Sunny was in a shelter down in GA for so long. He has the most amazing temperament. He loves to play with people, other dogs, and kids and does so well outside off-leash now that he has had some more training. Sunny has been the most amazing addition to our family and we are so happy and grateful that he chose us to be his furever home.