Maggie is now named Rey and is the perfect addition to the family! She is loved beyond words!

We now come home to enthusiastic tail-wagging and lots of puppy kisses. She loves to snuggle on the couch and in bed! Sunday mornings are for snoozing – she likes sleeping in. We’ve been going for runs every so often and Rey looks so cute prancing down the street, ears back, head up, leash in her own mouth. She is a wonderful running companion. We’ve been having so much fun exploring trails and parks in our neighborhood and have been playing well with other people and dogs. Rey loves being the center of attention, so she doesn’t mind that everyone wants to pet her and tell her she’s pretty!

We recently met up with her brother, Max, and his new family. The pups were so tired after a few satisfying hours of intense playtime!  Our baby girl is picking up on tricks and commands quickly and is behaving nicely. We are so grateful to NEAS for keeping her safe and treating her well so that we could adopt her. We feel lucky every single day to have Rey in our lives and can’t wait to make more memories and take adventures as a family! 

Thank you again for everything. We would recommend NEAS to anyone and everyone!