We renamed Dori to Molly! She is fitting in perfectly.  We feel very lucky! Our dog Khloe loves her to pieces! They snuggle up on the bed and on the couch together! Their favorite thing to do is run outside in the yard! Molly is great! She loves to snuggle up next to my mom and dad in bed and fall right asleep! She has such a great little personality!

As I am writing you this email, she is currently snuggled up in a ball next to me on my bed! Her favorite thing to do is to take socks from everyone’s room! She runs back and forth with socks and when we try to get them from her she lays down and when we go towards her she sort of pounces like a cat.  It’s the cutest thing!

Molly seems to be doing great with eating and drinking. She is being trained to go to the bathroom on the rocks in the back yard instead of the grass. She has not had one accident in the house! We walk her down the stairs to the rocks and she does her business. We have taken her off the leash a few times to see what she would do, and she went right to the rocks!

The staff was very helpful in picking out our new FURever friend. Molly seems to love her FURever home! I wanted to say thank you again to the staff for answering any questions we may have had! They were all so friendly and approachable!