January, 2016:

Both Anna and her sister are loved. Polly (the brave one) settled right in as soon as she walked out of her carrier; she is amazingly confident even in a new home. She purred nonstop for the first few days; I have never adopted a cat who seemed so relieved to have a home. 

Poor little Anna is still very frightened of environment, and spends most of her time under the couch in the room where I work. She seems to like me; she purrs strongly whenever I lie on the floor and reach under to pet her, sometimes laying her head onto my hand or reaching her paws out to hold onto it. Often I can coax her to come out for a short while, but any sudden noise causes her to hide again. She seems afraid of my husband, and rarely comes out when he is here; I suspect it is because I work from home a lot, whereas he is away, and of course I am a much smaller human. She does come out every night about the time he goes to bed (just before me, usually), and there is evidence of the duo playing in the night.

April, 2016

We are experiencing more and more Anna sightings. She sometimes comes to where I sit and howls at me plaintively, and I have learned that she usually wants me to come join her on the couch (not under it, although she still spends time there), where she now will hold paws with me, or put her head on my hand. She is most comfortable if we move slowly and quietly, and let her reach out when she wants to. She is an interesting and complex little kitty; she seems almost desperate for love, but is very afraid of her environment: noises, movements, anything new. I can only imagine how hard it was for her to be outside in that period of time she was “feral” with her sister before being caught and brought to you. She must have depended a lot on brave Polly. They do play together sometimes, and it is lovely to watch. I bet in a year or so, Anna will have made huge progress. 🙂


She is getting bolder!!!! She now calls me to her place on the couch almost every night, and positively snuggles. And she is gradually losing fear of my husband. By next year, she will be a whole different feline. 🙂 🙂 🙂