Zoey is adjusting very well.  She has integrated amazingly with the dog that we’ve had for 11 years as well as our two cats.  She is definitely eating EVERYTHING and sleeping well in her new dog bed that we bought her.  We could not be happier with her.  She is the sweetest dog and has really come out of her shell since she has been home with us.  When we came to visit her she was very calm and quiet which was O.K., but we were afraid that we may have to leave her home during some of our longer walks that we take with our current dog.  She is now ready to keep going after a 3+ mile walk, but is also more than happy to lounge around the house and watch TV with us.

She took a ride with us to the white mountains over Easter to meet my mom who loved her.  We caught Zoey stealing a leftover piece of ham out of the garbage.  She has also become friends with my sister’s dog who lives in southern New Hampshire.

Your staff were amazing.  Thank you all so much for doing what you do.  The number of unwanted pets that you are saving is truly amazing.  Zoey is such a great dog that my wife cannot believe that anyone would ever have given her up.