Zeze (we call him “Ze”) and Zach have adjusted extremely well to their new family!  Both kitties are very social, affectionate and extremely curious. For instance, on the first night the kitties were “free range” in the house, without any prompting at all, both Ze and Zach jumped right into bed with us purring up a storm.  We noticed that they love, love, love their toys and often bring them into the bed.   We purchased a cat grass plant and woke up completely shocked to find the kitties had also brought that into bed too!  Most of all, both kitties really enjoy watching the trees in our back yard for birdies and squirrels.

My husband has pointed out many times that we are lucky to have found these guys. I agree.  Thank you and your staff for making a potentially stressful experience a pleasant one.  From the front desk greeting us to the signing of the adoption agreements, everyone was happy and supportive about our adoption choice.