Winnie is WONDERFUL!  She is just so perfect for us, and we love her so, so much!  She is a total pig when it comes to food; she is not picky about treats or meals!  She’s a little beggar too; you can’t trust her around an unattended sandwich, that’s for sure!  We initially didn’t see Winnie when we came into adopt.  Once we sat down and spoke with Patrick, he said he had a dog that might be just right.  20 minutes later, he walked out with Winnie and it was love at first sight!  She is the most lovable, affectionate dog I’ve ever met.  She loves, loves, loves people, and always wants to make new friends!  She loves other dogs too, and sometimes she gets a little bit too excited, but she is getting much better at “being cool” and not freaking out.  She doesn’t have a mean bone in her body!

She loves to snuggle, and despite starting the night at the end of the bed, every morning she is right in between my fiancé and me, with her head on the pillow, tucked under the blankets on her back, just like a person!  She makes noises like a pig when she’s awake, and she snores like crazy when she sleeps.  She is lucky that she’s so cute!  She loves her Kong balls, and she will play fetch forever.  Winnie is not so good with the stuffed toys though…they are her mortal enemies and her goal is to see how quickly she can destroy them.  Pretty fast, usually!  She is a chewer, so my shoes and wardrobe had quite a few casualties before we figured out how to “Winnie-proof” the house.  She can also jump VERY high, and has no problem getting on the dining room table with one leap.  It’s similar to the raptors in Jurassic Park 🙂

She always wants kisses, she will let you hold her like a baby and snuggle her….she thinks that she is a lapdog, when she’s really 37 lbs. of dead weight – haha.  She is wonderful with kids, and always very gentle.  Basically….we have NO idea how someone didn’t want her!  Aside from the chewing (which is really her only flaw, and we fixed that by keeping her out of certain rooms) she is the perfect dog.  She’s housebroken, she doesn’t bark much, and she is always up for snuggling!  She is also so smart.  She already knows “sit” “down” “paw” “high five” “hug” “gimme a smooch” and “stay”.  I did some research, and although she was listed as a Lab Mix…it seems as though she is most likely a cattledog mix with some Staffordshire bull terrier in there.  Which would make sense given how much energy she has, how smart she is, how sweet and affectionate she is (and how strong her jaws are!  Kong is the only thing that stands a chance in our house!) and her physical characteristics.

Thank you so much for my best friend. She was the best 30th birthday present I could have ever asked for.  She is what was missing in our home, and we can’t remember what we ever did without her.  This summer, we are thinking about adopting another dog, a brother or sister for Winnie.  We wouldn’t dream of going anywhere else besides Northeast Animal Shelter.