Mickey is doing so very well!  As soon as we brought him home, after sniffing and exploring the house, he jumped up and settled on our love seat, so that is now “his.”  When not sleeping or hanging out on it, he loves to put his front paws on the back rest and look out the window watching the squirrels and rabbits in the back yard.

He is such a good dog, happy, curious, affectionate.  He has been so content and comfortable since the day we brought him home.  Haven’t had any issues meeting our neighbors, family, other dogs, everyone loves him!

He is much better going out for walks now.  He was pretty nervous and skiddish  when big trucks, and noises, especially the street sweeper, went by us while we were out walking, but now he’s definitely more comfortable and at ease. He loves going for car rides and just the other day we took him walking on Nahant Beach.

The first couple nights were tricky for sleeping as his foster lady in Georgia said he slept at the foot of her bed.  If we had a bigger bed it wouldn’t be an issue for us, but we are trying to get him to stop being in bed with us, and I think slowly it is getting better.  We bought him a dog bed that we put in our bedroom, but the first couple of nights the whining was so sad to hear, and we also felt bad as we realized that he didn’t know any different, as he always slept on a person’s bed.  But even though he was on the floor right next us, at some point during the night he managed to jump up on our bed.  Our bedroom is very dark so I bought a night light, wondering if that would help, so he could still see us from his bed.  I think that definitely has helped, along with us giving constant praise, and love, when he settles on his bed when we all go upstairs for the night, because last night he actually stayed on his bed all night!  He is so darn cute!  When Tom & I woke up this morning Mickey was awake on his bed, but didn’t move until we got up. 

We are so very happy that Mickey is with us in our home.  For being first time dog owners I think we really lucked out.  He has brought so much joy to us.  Why did we wait so long to get a dog, I asked Tom.  He replied by saying, if we got one earlier we wouldn’t have Mickey.  So very true!!!