“Hi. My name is Joey. I used to be Sabrina but my new people decided to change it to something short and easy. So here’s my story.

I came from California to Northeast Animal Shelter. I loved it there,  People were nice to me but I  wanted to have a real family without being surrounded by big dogs and especially cats.  I don’t really like them – something about cats annoys me, so I’m unstoppable when I bark at them. That is why it didn’t work with the first people who decided to adopt me. They spoiled me rotten, but they had cats and that just didn’t work for me. So I was brought back to NEAS and the wait for a better life continued.

One day a couple came to my cage and they were calling my name, but I couldn’t be bothered. Then, they wanted to meet me in person/dog. I am not sure what they liked about me.  I wasn’t exactly friendly, I was in fact shy and I didn’t want to be adopted and given up shortly after again. But they seemed to like me the way I was!  They signed some papers and took me home. I decided to test them the second I entered their house so I peed (pardon my language) on the carpet. Surprisingly, they didn’t yell at me. In fact, they fed me and showed me my new bed. I liked it – it was soft and warm, just up my alley. I like lying in bed and observing what “my people” are doing. They told me I can call them Mom and Dad. I found out I have a human brother too. I didn’t trust him at first but later I found out he was there for me every time I wanted to play and run around. As for Mom and Dad, the routine is: Mom feeds me and Dad walks me. Not bad, huh?

A month has passed and my people are as nice to me as day one. I am still reserved, my past wasn’t easy (I won’t go there as I want to forget it) but my people seem to love me unconditionally. They don’t know it, yet but I really like them and even love them as much too. I hope I stay with them forever. I have one complaint, though. Sometimes when I go out, there’s this white wet thing falling from the sky and I have to step in it. Yuck. I really hate it, I’ve never seen anything like this before.  It makes me cold and I don’t understand why my people don’t make it go away. When I see the ground is white, I turn around and go back in the house. My people seem to have mixed feelings about it.  They want me to do my business outside, but they also think my reaction to the white stuff is hilarious. Pft, whatever!  I ain’t going out there when it’s cold and wet.

Anyway, I just wanted to share with you my latest adventures because my life is finally turning around and I can now say “My life is good!”  I also want to thank the wonderful people from the shelter who made my dream come true.

Peace y’all – just watch out for those cats!