Marco has done well since we brought him home. He is an energetic, loving, and happy dog. He took no time settling in. He loves being held and sitting in laps – which he gets to do frequently. He also goes for a lot of car rides and enjoys playing at the beach.

Adoptions Supervisor Jenna was great. She expressed concern about placing a 4.4 lb. dog in a family with a Great Dane (Darla). But after a cautious introduction at the NEAS, the pair seemed like a good match and she gave us the green light. Probably the most fun part of having Marco around is watching him and Darla play together. He runs back and forth on the couch, biting her – tail wagging, encouraging her to attack. Darla follows with her huge head and lunges and pokes gently at him with her muzzle. She’s so gentle and they get along great. It’s hilarious. They also chase each other around the back yard.

Marco is just what we needed. The cat’s not crazy about him, but they leave each other alone everybody’s happy.