We changed Mabel’s name to Pearl. My son James looked at the white blaze on her chest and with the collar covering most of it, the little piece left he figured looked like a pearl therefore her name should be Pearl. She is a magnificent addition to our family and we all are thrilled to have her. She has bonded most closely to James which is good, although truthfully I am jealous, but he has so many health issue and learning issues that his life can be quite difficult a lot of the time and Pearl has been so good for him since day one.

She is incredibly smart and active. But she is also sneaky and since she is very, very quiet sneaky it is not a good trait to have because she gets away with things simply because you don’t know she’s doing anything until you find out after! Or before you know it she has taken off out the door and she’s half way down the street and you barely started to open the door and haven’t moved your own foot yet. But she’s so darn cute when she looks at you it’s hard to correct even though you know you have to, even harder then when I am raising my kids. They were cute too but …….

We were real lucky and Pearl came housebroken so that was never a problem. She loves everyone and all dogs. James has worked hard at making connections with anyone within a mile or two that owns a dog or two or more that would make good playmates so he can set up play dates in our back yard or become walking buddies. In fact one of James’ friends comes by 3-4 times a week to visit and then he takes Pearl for a walk/run just because he really likes her and he enjoys taking her out. That’s how sweet a dog she is. Aren’t we lucky we got to adopt her? So health or behavior problems? None.

As far as your staff and Shelter I can only say great things about both. I got my Cheyenne from your Shelter 20 years ago when you had your little older shelter. She had just flown in and been put in her cage 1/2 an hour before I looked at her beautiful face and we bonded right then and there and had the most wonderful 17 years. I was impressed with your shelter then enough that I knew NEAS was the only place I would go to look for my next dog. Your staff was obviously trained in a way they were not before, so that was impressive. And you certainly have a new, beautiful shelter that is roomy, and clean for the animals, with the animals so well cared for. I loved getting the letter from the person who had fostered Pearl. I tell anyone talking of getting a dog about your shelter and the satisfaction of adopting a dog in need. 

So thank you and all the staff and everyone who makes NEAS possible so I could come and fall in love with Pearl (Mabel) and she could come to our home and give us so much happiness and love so we could give it back in spades!