Kitty is terrific!   She acclimated to the house after about a week, and she is great with the dogs, but she is still shy around our other cat.  We were a little nervous about how our other cat would behave, but he has actually been so wonderful to Kitty, but right now Kitty is not a fan.  She is getting into the routine, and knows when to come around for dinner.  She loves to bump herself into and rub the furniture, so much that we joke that she throws herself so hard into things that she is going to give herself a concussion 🙂 

Kitty seems to LOVE food and is not at all picky, which is a nice change from our other cat who snubs his nose at most everything.  She faithfully uses her litter box – she still has her own litter box that we keep in the room where she was first living in and has seemed to claim as her own territory.  She doesn’t really like to be held and cuddled, but she comes around periodically to check in and let us know that she likes us.  Also, I work at home full-time and the animals all like to gather around me in my office to keep me company, and lately Kitty has been joining in the fun, so it’s great to see her starting to feel like part of the family. 

It’s still so hard to imagine that she is 12 years old because she looks like a kitten compared to our VERY big 2 year old boy cat.  She is so little!  We have grown very fond of her!

We very much enjoyed our experience with NEAS and the only hard thing was choosing!  There are so many animals  in desperate need of a home and I wanted to adopt them all.  The work you do is SO important.  The staff at the shelter are wonderful.  Thank you again for helping us to bring Kitty into our lives.