We had a beautiful male Pit Bull named Boss for 9 wonderful years until he developed cancer. I couldn’t watch him suffer any longer and made the hard decision to put him down. I swore I would NEVER get another dog because I was miserable without him! Week after week went by and our home became too quiet…..and clean! The vacuum cleaner thanked us for not having to work so hard to pick up Boss’s hair. The walls thanked us because the house didn’t smell like dog anymore. Still, the silence was deafening! So we looked at some shelters and left, looked some more and left and looked some more. (I don’t think we were ready).

On Thursday 3/17 we looked up NEAS on line and saw a bunch of young puppies and fell in love with quite a few. We decided to stop by the next day. Immediately my husband saw one of the pups we were interested in but his Blue card was already gone (good luck little guy!). Rounding the corner I saw a 1-yr-old pup with crazy yellow eyes who was adorable. I told my husband and he said “No, we came to see a much younger puppy.” OK, well none of the puppies were too interested in us. They were sleeping and didn’t want to be bothered (can ya really blame them?). We ended up back in front of “crazy yellow eyes” (Jazie) and she came right to the gate, gently jumped up and tried to steal a kiss from me (the way my old boy Boss would have done). I grabbed her card and told my husband that she was the one. He agreed!

Jazie is now known as Gigi (short for Georgia Girl, her birth place). She is the sweetest, most loving, well behaved, snuggly pup EVER. She’s getting along with anyone and everything she comes into contact with. Loves little dog friends and big dog friends. She hardly ever barks! Not even at other dogs! She’s playful and so willing to learn. She loves to go on long walks too. Bedtime? What crate? She sleeps in our bed between us all night and wakes us up with the most ferocious kisses. She’s quite agile too. Yesterday she ran from down the hall and leaped right up onto the kitchen table! Not sure why she thought that was a good idea but she did.

Enough already I hear you all saying! OK, I get it!  I didn’t think I was ready to love another dog again or that I even could, BUT I am in love with this one. She is such a great addition to our lives. Thank you Kristen and NEAS for bringing us together with Gigi!