Jodi (now named Chloe) is doing great! It only took her a couple hours the day I took her home to adjust and get comfortable with my family and me. Everyone comes to visit now a days because they want to see Chloe. She is eating great and sleeps well. I took her for a check up 3 days ago and the vet said she was doing great. She weighed 6 lbs. when I adopted her, now she is almost 15 lbs. She is growing so fast!

She is wicked funny and mischievous when she thinks you aren’t looking… once she catches you eyeing her she tries to play it off. Housebreaking and training has been a bit tough when it comes to biting and peeing. When she bites us, she stops as soon as we tell her no and say it is not okay. It’s impossible to not be patient with such a cute, loving little puppy. One minute she’s running around playing with her toys and balls, the next she is asking to be put on the couch with us so she can snuggle and fall asleep in our arms; hands down the best snuggler out there!

When I take her on walks to the beach or trails, she gets extremely excited when she sees other dogs and people; so excited that she tries to run to them and play. I made a great decision with making her an addition to my family. It’s very hard to not fall in love with her the second she plays and snuggles with you.