We renamed the cats – Sweet Pea became Miss Lily and Paul became Sam (a/k/a Mr. Sam or Sam-Sam).  They do seem to know their names when they want to!  Lily is so sweet and feminine. She loves to cuddle and she will not take guff from Sam. They both love treats! and catnip…. 🙂

Sam does not know the meaning of the word “walk.” He runs everywhere, and has been seen skidding around corners on his butt when he slips. He doesn’t mind.  He loves to cuddle also.  They both have LARGE appetites!  They love to sleep on our bed during the day and will also follow us around. They like to be picked up and hugged, and will roll over for tummy scratches.

Sam loves to play slip-and-slide with the bathmat when we take our showers, and he is hell bent on killing every plant I have. None are poisonous to him, and I am breaking him of that habit.

Lily likes the couch, the bed, and door frames for scratching better than the “appropriate” cat things we have. She is getting better at using scratching posts though.

They like to play with toys, and we got them several. Sam tried to steal food from dinner plates but now he understands a firm NO! He sits and waits, hoping something will drop to the floor. I think he is part dog with this behavior!  We adore both of them. They settled in so quickly; in less than 24 hours they had thoroughly explored the house and made it their own.

There are 2 little beds for them in the living room, which they do use, but they like our bed best. They spend time on it at night, but not all night. Sam thinks feet moving under covers are toys for him to play with, and he will grab at toes when you walk by.

Miss Lily is just the best company and she will sit next to me on the couch when I knit.  She likes the touching part. Sam tries to eat my yarn. He’s learning about that too. They both like being brushed. Their fur is so soft that we love brushing them too!