Sonny (formerly Nixon) has adjusted beautifully! He’s eating and sleeping wonderful…especially eating! He definitely prefers to sleep near us so he has his very own doggy bed right by the head of our bed because he’s not big enough to jump up yet and our bed sits high, so we don’t want him to fall and hurt himself. We honestly couldn’t be more pleased with Sonny. He was literally the perfect match for our family. Our other dog, Lebowski, adores him. They only took about a week to come around to each other and for Lebowski to be completely comfortable with him.

Sonny loves giving kisses and sleeping flat on his back or tucked under blankets with a pillow like he’s a person, it’s beyond adorable! He loves to play “chase” with Lebowski. Sonny is very confident with himself now and plays with Lebowski like Lebowski is the smaller one of the two.  It’s hilarious. We really can’t stress how happy we are with Sonny and how much we just absolutely love the little guy!

Everyone at Northeast Animal Shelter was an absolute pleasure to work with. We couldn’t have been more pleased and we can’t thank you enough for assisting us with placing Sonny in our home. I’m so glad that you brought him into the room. It was definitely a “saved the best for last” scenario! We plan on stopping by in the next few weeks to grab some more pet supplies as we would rather our money go to you guys instead of a standard brick and mortar. It’s the very least we can do, considering all that you guys do.