I adopted O’puss and Irene 3 weeks ago.  They are 6 months old. It didn’t take me long to realize I have two very special cats on my hands, with tons of personality.

They didn’t know each other before.  Irene was happy and outgoing from the first moment she got out of the box at home, sun bathing and cuddling. O’puss was very scared of everything and kept sleeping all day long. After about a day we got them together and since then they have been inseparable. Irene made O’puss come out of his shell and he turned out to be a very energetic and curious kitty who finds it his personal job to follow me around the house all day long and see what i’m doing.  Irene on the other hand is a little diva, but just as curious and loving.  She loves to watch TV and play with toys.  O’puss is teaching her how to wrestle, and then they sit on the bed and groom each other.  All in all a success story. Thank you NEAS!