Dear Northeast Animal Shelter,
I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for bringing my cat Jonquil (formerly Finneous) into my life. On the day I visited your shelter I wasn’t intending to adopt right away, merely browsing, but Jonquil had other ideas. When he reached his little paw out of the cage as I was walking by and grabbed my sweater, I knew this was the cat for me. Within half an hour I was able to sit down with an adoption counselor – who patiently answered all my questions – and I took Jonquil home that day. Since coming home we have had no trouble adjusting to each other. Immediately he was comfortable and not at all skittish.  Friends and family have commented that he is a unusually outgoing and friendly cat. He sleeps on my bed every night and waits by the window for me to come home from work in the afternoon. He has the most loving personality, and even gets along amazingly with my 4 year old niece. He enjoys audiobooks (he meows loudly when you stop playing them), chasing his rope toy, and sleeping on the heating vent. I truly hit the jackpot. I am so grateful to you all for making the adoption process so easy and positive. I know that I have found a companion for life.
All the best,