Callie, formerly Kala, celebrated her first birthday on Saint Patrick’s Day (actually, her paperwork said she was born on March 6th, but my birthday is March 17th so I decided we’d share!).

Callie was adopted on August 18, 2016 at the age of almost six months.  She goes to day care once a week, and has lots of new friends, and has also stayed overnight with her friends.  She is going to meet a new friend soon… we found out that Callie’s brother, Bear (formerly Kaleb) lives near us, so as soon as the new dog park opens in my town, Bear and his family are coming to meet his little sister! She loves riding in the car and still tries to eat stuff she shouldn’t, like pine cones and leaves, but mostly she does it to check to see if I’m watching her! I love her so much.  Thanks to NEAS for bringing Callie to me, and best wishes from Pat and Callie for success in Cher’s new paw!