We adopted Callie (formerly Champagne) back in early January. We searched so many shelters looking to add to our family but every place we went to and called, cats were already being adopted (not a bad thing!). While looking at our shelters on the Internet, I discovered the Northeast Animal Shelter. I noticed only a few cats on your site and I called to inquire about them to see if any were still available. My sons and I drove an hour in rush hour traffic (coming from Lowell) and we were so excited, we all ran in! While looking, we saw Callie lying near the back of her cage and were advised that several of the cats were still groggy because they had been neutered/spayed the day before. I went to Callie’s cage and even though she was groggy and not feeling well (an infection was discovered during her surgery) she jumped right up to greet us. I knew instantly she was the one. She started rubbing against us and purring.

We got to pick Callie up two days later and she has been a love bug ever since. She gets along great with our male cat; only took them a week to get use to each other. She’s still not fond of our dog but he honestly could not care less about his feline siblings. He’s just enjoying living out his senior years!

Callie loves to snuggle and is constantly purring. She also loves to talk and is always chirping away. Her favorite toys are the laser pointer and furry mice. She loves to sleep on my stomach or by my side every night and always has a smile on her face, believe it or not!

She’s also loves to eat and thankfully has put on some weight. She was quite skinny when we got her – only 5 lbs. with her ribs and spine showin,g but my little piglet is now up to 9 lbs,  Her vet says her weight is perfect.
I just want to thank the Northeast Animal Shelter for everything you did; the staff is great, especially Ray!