Hot Shot, now Minnow, is doing so well! We are all totally in love! He is such a good little boy and is actually pretty well-behaved. He gets CRAZY in little bits and spurts, but is also the snuggliest puppy I’ve ever had. Our 11 year-old dog (Marlin) isn’t necessarily in love with him, and sometimes ignores Minnow more than he’d like, but he is very tolerant of the puppy behavior and never gets mad.

Minnow goes to the beach for a run most weekends with the whole family and has enjoyed lots of walks in downtown Rockport. The boys walk him down the street each morning before school. My husband is still home because of his arm surgery so Minnow is pretty lucky to not be left alone much. He goes into his crate when we do leave him….like for one of the boys weekend hockey games….but sometimes he comes to hockey too.

We are still feeding him 3 times a day and he acts like he has never eaten before. His appetite is somewhat insatiable….which is funny to us because our older dog would let his food sit for hours without bothering to eat it. We’ve already caved and he sleeps in bed with us (and Marlin) or in the bottom bunk with one of the boys. They now have to rotate who gets the bottom bunk so they both have the chance to sleep with him.

While we were only taking him out on a leash into the front yard for a while, he is not big enough that we just let him out into the fenced in back yard with Marlin to run around and do “his business.” If we aren’t out there with them, they run right back up on the deck to come inside. If we are outside with them they’ll stay in the backyard all day happily. He likes it when we have fires in the fire pit.

He has gone to the vet once for a check-up, one shot, and some flea and tick. He is due for another shot any day now….we’re watching to see when his puppy fangs fall out. That’s what the vet recommended.

Thank you all so much for helping us bring Minnow home. We are all loving Minnow so much and are so grateful for the work you all do! He is absolutely perfect and we are loving watching our two young boys have the opportunity to take care of him and fall in love.