We changed Julie Ann’s name to Lily, and she is wonderful. Since we have had her, she gained 7 pounds and the veterinarian says she is the most beautiful dog she has seen. She said her coat is silky and clean and her eyes are filled with curiosity.  She is very intelligent.

Even though we have only had her for a few weeks, she has learned how to sit when told, lie down when told and stay and come when told.  She is almost potty trained and has very few accidents.  She is very happy and content and so are we.

And, I can’t thank you enough for the schedule you sent home with us.  Just like a real infant needs a schedule for eating and sleeping, so does Lily, and it makes life so much easier than guessing when to feed her and when to give her a nap.  We follow that like a bible. I also wanted to mention how  strong she is, even when confronted with a much larger dog, Lily maintains her confidence and stands up for herself.  She looks very stately with her beautiful black coat and her neon pink collar.  We love her !  Thanks again.