Cadi is now Gaia, and she is doing amazing! She is the most loving, playful little girl! She zooms around the house chasing toys and trying to get our older pups to play with her. She is acutely aware of body language of other dogs, and has been making friends left and right. She can be a little bit nervous when meeting larger dogs, but after a quick sniff she is ready to play. In fact, we have only met one dog that she wasn’t a fan of.

She has spent a lot of time playing with my friend’s 70 lb. Shepherd mix, and they are best buds. While she still isn’t 100% potty trained, she is getting better everyday. She has toe nails like a raptor and teeth like a piranha, so we have to be careful when she gets mouthy.

She is a star at puppy play and learn, and she already has a few tricks under her belt. Everyone who has met her absolutely loves her, and the feeling is mutual. While I still miss Gibson, Gaia has reinforced that I made the right decision. I have been working hard to introduce her to new environments, and she seems to take it all in stride.

Thank you for all you being so understanding, helpful, and supportive. Gaia has found a great home, and our home has found a great dog.