Grasshopper, now known as Ethel, is an absolute love!   Everything happens for a reason, so I guess that’s why it took awhile to find the perfect playmate for Lucy.   I’ve got them on the same food, and have to limit Ethel’s water intake because she is like a child – if she’s having fun she doesn’t stop and will just squat where she is.

I really don’t think she was and indoor dog, not just because of the potty training, but also because she didn’t know what to make of the TV.   My son came to visit, and as you can see by the attached, she warmed right up to him.   He turned the TV on a couple hours after he got here and Ethel went crazy, barking at the TV, growling and hiding behind a chair.

Ethel likes to chew cords – I’ve lost 2  irons and a pair of ear buds so far, but that’s nothing compared to the joy they bring me!   Ethel is a real cuddly girl and loves to curl up next to me and follow me everywhere. She’s very sweet and the 2 make a great pair.   She doesn’t like the weather, the wind scares her too, but I’m sure she will get used to it, same as the car. She doesn’t mind it but she does get car sick.   Basically the usual issues, but nothing to be concerned about.

I will discuss the car issue with our vet. Since she throws up, maybe they have doggie Dramamine. All in all, I love her, she’s perfect!