On February 21, 2015 we adopted Snap & Pop (renamed Daisy & Duke) into our family! We love them so much and are so happy to have them in our lives! They are beautiful dogs and get many compliments when we are out and about! It has been an exciting journey full of adjustment and learning for all of us but mostly for Daisy and Duke as they were both pretty shy and nervous the first few months, especially Duke – he was very hand shy!

It has been amazing to watch them evolve over the past year into very playful, happy, loving dogs! We have a huge back yard they love to chase each other around in, playing peek a boo, (Duke’s favorite game, so funny), and such! Needless to say they love going for walks too, this is definitely Daisy’s favorite. Duke has a little anxiety with passing cars but he still loves walks!

They were initially both terrified of stairs but have overcome this and now follow us up and down all 3 stories of the house! They love their toys and Duke especially loves the squeaky ones and does so continuously when he’s excited about something! Daisy loves all the toys and initially had a hard time sharing, but she is getting much better at it all the time! She is so sweet and loves to cuddle and give everybody kisses!