We are having such a great time with Eve! We did rename her Waffles because of a close family member with the same name and because she didn’t seem to respond to Eve (or we would have kept it). She’s eating very well and sleeping very well too 🙂 She does well in her crate for a few hours at a time during the day and loves the car now that we’ve taken her a few fun places in it. She’s met most of our close friends, family members, and most of my coworkers, and everyone loves her! She’s been meeting other dogs all over the neighborhood and plays very well (although she is still learning to understand when someone doesn’t want to play). We took her to Dr. Looby in Medford on a friend’s recommendation and they are excellent.

Waffles did have Giardia in her stool sample (no apparent problems with bowel movements), but she took the medicine and is doing great. The only behavioral problem is some nipping, especially when she’s excited and wants to play. We’re working on training her not to bite/nip and also did end up signing up for a basic obedience class that starts next week. We also make sure she gets lots of exercise… She loves going on walk/runs and is a great jogging companion! She also loves going on walks/hikes in the Fells right near us.

Since her adoption I have recommended your shelter to anyone who will listen. We were a little overwhelmed at first but you were very helpful in showing us what to consider and guiding us toward the right dog. We’re really glad we were patient in our first few visits. Thanks again for everything!