We adopted Tessie (the puppy formerly known as Becky) on September 16th and welcomed the new addition to our family! It is so true what they say about dogs choosing their owners. While I wandered around looking at everyone there, my husband was immediately drawn to her. As soon as he walked by her room she got up off her bed and walked right to the door and sat down. We knew right from that moment that this little girl was going to be ours, and started the adoption process as quickly as possible.

She was one of the first SC dogs to come to the adoption floor, and we couldn’t be more thrilled to have this sweet face come into our lives. Tessie is a loving, kind and adventurous little girl. When she isn’t running around with her friends at daycare she snuggles with her mommy, wrestles with her daddy and plays with her brother Jax who is a 3 year old tuxedo cat that we had adopted from NEAS back in 2012. She is so great with new people, loves to play and LOVES to sleep pressed up against someone.

We are so greatful to have this little girl come into our lives. ┬áThank you so much for being such a great shelter and helping us find the best puppy for us. Oh and don’t mind the little booties in the photo. Tessie came with dewclaws and we opted to get them removed so she wouldn’t accidentally get hurt!